Video Marketing Tips for Internet Marketers

Using video in your internet marketing campaigns is essential to connecting with your target audience. Video allows your consumers to build trust and confidence in you that can’t be earned to the same level via text, blogging, websites and any other social media platforms.

Your videos will work for you 24/7, while you eat, sleep and play. They will get ranked on searches and on Google. In order to make sure that your prospects can take the next step, you need a call to action. In your video you need to directly state for your viewers to subscribe to your channel and click the link below the video and view the description for more information. Tell your viewers what to do next. Offer valuable content and then lead them where you want them to go.

Make sure the very first thing that goes in your description box is is an active link/URL. A link is not active or clickable unless it starts with http://

This is a big mistake that new marketers often make. You need a link they can click on directly from your video and make it the first visible thing underneath. You also need contact information! You want to connect with people when they are excited! If they are excited watching your video and then they have to email you and wait for a response, a lot can happen in that time frame. They could find someone else’s video with contact information, who they can speak with right away to get them started. Don’t lose business by leaving out such simple pieces of information. Now, you don’t want to put your personal cell phone number. You can get a Google voice number for free and direct the calls to your cell or home phone. If you decide you don’t want to take work calls you can turn off your Google voice at any time.

Keep your video topics relevant, stay focused and to the point. Make your messages short and simple. Most people have very short attention spans. Provide quality content without all the fluff.

Be Yourself! People are attracted to those that are real and down to earth. You don’t need to be perfectly polished and well rehearsed, in fact that will most likely work against you. People want to feel like, if he/she can do it, I can do it! If you are funny, be funny! Humor sells and lightens the mood. A good positive personality is contagious.

Allow your uniqueness to shine! Each and every one of us has some quality that no one else has. You will attract people that no one else will because you are YOU!

Allow video to fuel your brand. Give yourself a slogan or nickname that people will connect to you and your brand. Then promote promote promote! Share your videos on your social media platforms and blogs. Get ready to see a new flood of interested customers.

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