The Empowerment of Direct Marketing With Blogs

In the world of viral marketing, blogs and the blogosphere are a way to get the word out on your company and the services or products offered. This direct marketing medium can be confusing for some and perceived as a waste of time to others. In actuality, by creating and maintaining a company blog you empower employees to use their knowledge to pass the word along about your company and what it provides.

With most marketing strategies there is a one time or short term offer being executed. Blogging on the other hand offers businesses the chance to connect with current and potential clients in a way no other direct marketing can. Using a blog should offer insight into the people, expertise and experience a company can deliver their clients.

Done properly a blog continually gives the public a chance of holding a conversation on a different level than placing an order does. Humans are social creatures. We like to know that we are dealing with a real person who has the same ideas, fears and quandaries as we do. Creating and maintaining a company blog can do that.

Setting up a blog site is not complicated. There are many downloadable software packages available for just that sort of thing. Many have pre-made or customizable themes that are simple to navigate. Adding a blog as a page on your website or as a stand-alone concept continues the idea of branding your company image. And do not forget the impact of having your brand show up in multiple venues!

The loss of empowerment comes into play when CEOs perceive blogging as a waste of time and manpower, yet they do not feel the same about other direct marketing strategies. Blogging on a frequent basis can take a lot of time. Coming up with ideas, implementing them, doing research and writing a blog does not have to take hours and hours a day. It does though require a commitment. Many CEOs cannot see that blogging is a direct marketing tool like any other that can and does draw in and keep business.

HubSpot has a number of great ideas on how to promote and maintain a company blog. They also do research into how companies market and what is successful. In April of this year they showed that of those businesses that had acquired a customer through a company blog, 90% or more of these businesses blog daily or multiple times per day: 68% of them blogged at least 2-3 times per week.

I may not be an accountant but it seems to me that if blogging frequently is a direct marketing strategy that is shown to bring in customers, then the man hours needed to do so is worth the effort. Unfortunately in another survey we see that is not the case.

That survey shows of those businesses that have already set up a company blog, the majority of them in 2010 plan on blogging less frequently then they had in 2009. 40% plan on marketing 2-3 times per week or more where in 2009 the number was 44%. In 2009 33% blogged weekly and in 2010 38% plan on blogging that amount of time. Why the change?

Now is the time for CEOs to increase their use of blogs as a direct marketing medium. Otherwise the competition might use their corporate blog to make inroads into your company clientele. Are you willing to take that chance?

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