Network Marketing Recruiting – “Program” Them For Success

How long have you been with your network marketing company? If you’ve been with your company for any length of time, do you have any idea what it’s like to be a new recruit these days? No? That could explain why your recruiting numbers are down! Helping your new and potential recruits get a leg up on their business is as easy as “program”-ing them to success.

Specifically, I’m talking about lead generation programs – and they’re the talk of the town right now. Readers are constantly asking me about these programs, how they work, and most importantly, IF they work. Here are my two cents.

First, cold calling works, but it’s very ineffective. This is the equivalent of using a shotgun on the prairie. Youl’l hit a few targets once in a while, but it takes a lot more work, a lot more focus, and a lot more time. But if all you have is a phone book, there’s nothing wrong with the “dial and smile” approach to starting your business. Personally, I’m more for expediency.

Paying for leads is a dicey gamble for most network marketers. First, where are the leads coming from? Many times, lead lists are nothing more than “genealogy lists” – printouts of contact information for people who have gone inactive with a company. More and more often, however, those lists are confidential and unavailable anyway, so getting your hands on them might pose a legal issue that’s best avoided – especially for new recruits.

Another possible source for leads is mailing list companies. But “opportunity seeker” lists don’t always translate into new recruits for your downline. And again, you’re spending money instead of earning money. This, to me, is just another example of high-priced cold calling.

The best possible scenario are leads that have found you, contacted you for information, and are eagerly waiting for your help.

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? But they do in fact exist. And the best part is that you can even get paid to follow up with them.

Of course, I’m talking about funded proposals and lead generation programs that position you as an expert while filling your recruiting pipeline with viable, warm market leads. Using funded proposals, we move from shot guns on the prairie to fish in a barrel.

These prospects are looking for your information, see you as an expert in your field, and contact you first. By returning their call, you’re not calling them “cold”, they look forward to hearing from you, and you’ve already established some level of interest before you’ve even dialed the phone.

There are several effective lead generation and funded proposal programs on the market. You can check my blog for the latest news on lead generation programs. You can even create your own lead generation program. Ideally, you’ll create so many leads that you won’t be able to handle them all – and you’ll have to pass them on to your growing downline.

THOSE are the only kind of leads worth paying for. Whatever program you choose, train your recruits from the get-go to utilize them for maximum success. If they go into the business expecting success, they won’t be grumbling later about “more work”. Train your recruits right away to find and use a program that builds qualified leads for them. Then prospecting won’t be problematic.

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