Direct Sales Tips: Are You Making These Mistakes With Lead Generation?

If you’re in direct sales, do these mistakes sound familiar to you?

#1. Talking to everyone about your new business without pre-qualifying them first.

It’s understandable because you’re excited and want everyone to know. You’re also told to tell your friends, family, neighbors right away about your business.

This isn’t bad advice but there’s a difference between telling someone that you just started a new business versus “I think it’s an amazing opportunity and you should consider joining too”. I’ve certainly done it and it’s a typical rookie mistake.

If the person you’re talking to doesn’t seem interested, don’t keep hammering away. Try not to convince others why it’s such a great opportunity. If someone’s interested, they’ll ask for more info.

#2. You don’t have to sell because the products sell themselves. Really? If that was true you’d see more direct sellers in business wouldn’t you? Products don’t sell themselves. If you’re told by your uplines or direct sales company to wear the jewelry, you are marketing the product.

We’re bombarded with product promotions, movies, events, everywhere we look. Why? Because products don’t sell themselves – the right kind of marketing does.

#3. Over-promising the opportunity. Yes, direct sales is a simple business but only in concept. Your job is to sell products and sponsor a team. The latter is optional depending on your goals.

The concept is simple. But before a sale takes place, there are pre-selling steps you must master.

That’s one of the biggest obstacles for direct sellers because most people that joined the direct selling business don’t have the skills to sell and market their business. So they go around looking for anyone that seems interested.

It’s simple to sell a few products and even recruit your friends at the beginning. But if you want to growing your business long-term, you’ve got to get real, and learn how to build your business like a real business.

#4. Leading with the products instead of offering a solution. There are millions of products on the market. Truthfully, your company product isn’t all that unique. Consumers are bombarded with the abundance of product choices.

For example, you can offer product samples to try before they buy. You can follow up with phone calls or emails to offer your assistance. This isn’t something you’re going to get from a regular store.

#5. Using the old methods of marketing. I’m not suggesting you abandon offline traditional methods completely.

But you need to consider the return on your investment based on the products you’re selling. If you’re selling $10 candles or lip gloss, is it the best investment of your money to spend hundreds of dollars on a local ad?

As a small direct seller, your budget is limited. That means you’ll need to be creative and explore different ways to promote your business based on the type of business you’re in.

Thanks to the internet, there are many free and effective ways to generate leads painlessly that brings results.

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